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Selective Assembly of Trinuclear Rare-Earth Alkyl Hydrido Clusters Supported by Amidopyridinate Ligands

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posted on 14.07.2008, 00:00 by Dmitrii M. Lyubov, Christian Döring, Georgii K. Fukin, Anton V. Cherkasov, Andrei S. Shavyrin, Rhett Kempe, Alexander A. Trifonov
The reactions of the bis(alkyl) complexes [Ap*Ln(CH2SiMe3)2(thf)] (Ln = Y, Lu) with both PhSiH3 and H2 result in selective assembly of the novel trinuclear rare-earth alkyl hydrido clusters [(Ap*Ln)32-H)33-H)2(CH2SiMe3)(thf)2]. Both cluster compounds are single-component ethylene polymerization catalysts.