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Salts and Ionic Liquid of The Antituberculosis Drug S,S-Ethambutol

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posted on 03.04.2013, 00:00 authored by Suryanarayan Cherukuvada, Ashwini Nangia
A salt screen of the antituberculosis chiral basic drug Ethambutol with protic acids resulted in the formation of several salts and an ionic liquid. The protic salt/ionic liquid product was characterized by spectroscopic (ATR-IR and ss-NMR), thermal (DSC and TGA), and X-ray diffraction. Similar to the marketed Ethambutol dihydrochloride salt of the drug, all the new salts were found to be hygroscopic. Moisture-free conditions of the desiccator and rotavapor gave nonhygroscopic materials in a few cases. X-ray crystal structures of two new salts were determined and that of the Ethambutol base and Ethambutol dihydrochloride salt were redetermined in this work.