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Ru–OSO Coordination Photogenerated at 100 K in Tetraammineaqua(sulfur dioxide)ruthenium(II) (±)-Camphorsulfonate

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posted on 2012-02-06, 00:00 authored by Anthony E. Phillips, Jacqueline M. Cole, Thierry d’Almeida, Kian Sing Low
The photoinduced O-bound coordination mode in RuSO2 complexes, previously observed only at 13 K, has been generated at 100 K in tetraammineaqua­(sulfur dioxide)­ruthenium­(II) (±)-camphorsulfonate. This coordination state, often denoted MS1, decays to the η2-bound MS2 state, with an estimated half-life of 3.4(8) h and a long-lived population of 2.9(4)% at 120 K.