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Ru(II)/Ir(III)-Catalyzed C–H Bond Activation/Annulation of Cyclic Amides with 1,3-Diketone-2-diazo Compounds: Facile Access to 8H‑Isoquinolino[1,2‑b]quinazolin-8-ones and Phthalazino[2,3‑a]cinnoline-8,13-diones

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posted on 2018-11-01, 10:14 authored by Panyuan Cai, Enshen Zhang, Yinsong Wu, Taibei Fang, Qianqian Li, Chen Yang, Jian Wang, Yongjia Shang
Efficient access to 8H-isoquinolino­[1,2-b]­quinazolin-8-ones and phthalazino­[2,3-a]­cinnoline-8,13-diones through cyclic amide-directed Ru­(II)/Ir­(III)-catalyzed C–H bond activation, has been developed. Consecutive C–H bond activation, carbene insertion, and condensation annulation processes were realized, affording 8H-isoquinolino­[1,2-b]­quinazolin-8-one and phthalazino­[2,3-a]­cinnoline-8,13-dione derivatives in good-to-excellent yields under mild conditions, with H2O and N2 being generated as the only byproducts.