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Role of Perfluorophenyl Group in the Side Chain of Small-Molecule n‑Type Organic Semiconductors in Stress Stability of Single-Crystal Transistors

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posted on 24.02.2021, 15:34 by Shohei Kumagai, Craig P. Yu, Shunsuke Nakano, Tatsuro Annaka, Masato Mitani, Masafumi Yano, Hiroyuki Ishii, Jun Takeya, Toshihiro Okamoto
Operational stability, such as long-term ambient durability and bias stress stability, is one of the most significant parameters in organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs). The understanding of such stabilities has been mainly devoted to energy levels of frontier orbitals, thin-film morphologies, and device configuration involving gate dielectrics and electrodes, whereas the roles of molecular and aggregated structural features in device stability are seldom discussed. In this Letter, we report a remarkable enhancement of operational stability, especially bias stress, of n-channel single-crystal OTFTs derived from a replacement of phenyl with perfluorophenyl groups in the side chain. Because of the several-molecule-thick single-crystal nature employed for the OTFTs, the crystal-surface properties are thought to be critical, where the surface structure composed of perfluorophenyl moieties could suppress interactions between environmental species and field-induced carriers owing to increased hydrophobicity and steric protection of π-conjugated units.