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Rhodium Complexes of Cyclopropenylidene Carbene Ligands: Synthesis, Structure, and Hydroformylation Catalysis

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posted on 09.03.2009 by Michael Green, Claire L. McMullin, George J. P. Morton, A. Guy Orpen, Duncan F. Wass, Richard L. Wingad
Rhodium(III) cyclopropenylidene complexes of the type [RhCl3(PPh3)2(2,3-di(aryl)cyclopropenylidene)] (Aryl = C6H5, 4-C6H4F) are synthesized via oxidative addition of 1,1-dichloro-2,3-diarylcyclopropene fragments to rhodium(I) precursors. The molecular structure of these complexes has been determined. Attempted hydroformylation of 1-hexene with these complexes leads to catalysis results which are strongly suggestive of decomposition of the carbene complex.