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Rhenium Carbyne and η2-Vinyl Complexes from One-Pot Reactions of ReH5(PMe2Ph)3 with Terminal Alkynes

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posted on 28.06.2010, 00:00 by Jiangxi Chen, Guomei He, Herman Ho-Yung Sung, Ian Duncan Williams, Zhenyang Lin, Guochen Jia
Treatment of the rhenium polyhydride complex ReH5(PMe2Ph)3 with HCCR (R = Ph, SiMe3, (CH2)4Me) in the presence of 2.2 equiv of HCl produces a mixture of the carbyne complexes Re(CCH2R)Cl2(PMe2Ph)3 and the η2-vinyl complexes Re(η2-CH2CR)Cl2(PMe2Ph)3. When HCCC(OH)Ph2 was used, the reaction gave the carbyne complexes Re(CCHCPh2)Cl2(PMe2Ph)3 and Re(CCH2C(OH)Ph2)Cl2(PMe2Ph)3 along with the η2-vinyl complex Re(η2-CH2CC(OH)Ph2)Cl2(PMe2Ph)3.