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Rh-Catalyzed [7 + 1] Cycloaddition of Buta-1,3-dienylcyclopropanes and CO for the Synthesis of Cyclooctadienones

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posted on 2011-01-07, 00:00 authored by Zhong-Ke Yao, Jianjun Li, Zhi-Xiang Yu
Discovering new carbon building blocks is very significant to advance transition-metal-catalyzed cycloadditions for the synthesis of various-sized ring compounds. A new seven-carbon building block from buta-1,3-dienylcyclopropanes (BDCPs) has been developed, showing that, under the catalysis of [Rh(CO)2Cl]2, BDCPs react with CO to give [7 + 1] cycloaddition products, cyclooctadienones. The present [7 + 1] reaction provides an efficient entry to the synthetically challenging eight-membered carbocyclic skeleton, which is present in many natural products of medicinal and biological significance.