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Remarkably Facile and Reversible Ru−C(sp3) Bond Cleavage to Give a Reactive 16-Electron Cp*Ru(κ2-P,Carbene) Zwitterion

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posted on 2007-05-23, 00:00 authored by Matthew A. Rankin, Gabriele Schatte, Robert McDonald, Mark Stradiotto
An 18-electron Cp*Ru(κ3-P,C,C‘) complex provides access to a 16-electron Cp*Ru(κ2-P,C) zwitterion by way of an unprecedented Ru−C(sp3) bond cleavage process that is both facile and reversible. Notably, this reactive zwitterion has proven capable of facilitating the Ru-mediated double geminal Si−H bond activation of Ph2SiH2.