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Reactivity of the Metal→BX3 Dative σ-Bond:  1,2-Addition Reactions of the Fe→BX3 Moiety of the Ferraboratrane Complex [κ4-B(mimBut)3]Fe(CO)2

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posted on 04.09.2006, 00:00 authored by Joshua S. Figueroa, Jonathan G. Melnick, Gerard Parkin
The ferraboratrane [κ4-B(mimBut)3]Fe(CO)2 (mimBut = 2-mercapto-1-tert-butylimidazolyl), the first example of a complex which possesses a retrodative (i.e., metal-to-ligand) Fe→B bond, is obtained via reaction of the tris(2-mercapto-1-tert-butylimidazolyl)hydroborato complex [TmBut]FeCl with LiCH2SiMe3 followed by treatment with CO. Significantly, [κ4-B(mimBut)3]Fe(CO)2 exhibits novel reactivity towards a variety of reagents that results in eradication of the Fe→B bond via a formal 1,2-addition process and the formation of B-functionalized tris(mercaptoimidazolyl)borate derivatives, [XTmBut]FeY.