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Reactions of the Cobaltaborane 2,4-{(η5-C5Me5)Co}2B3H7 with Metal Fragments. Synthesis and Characterization of nido-1-{(η5-C5Me5)Co}-2-{(CO)3Fe}B3H7 and arachno-(η5-C5Me5)(CO)CoB3H7

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posted on 24.03.1998, 00:00 by Xinjian Lei, Maoyu Shang, Thomas P. Fehlner
The reactions of nido-2,4-(Cp*Co)2B3H7, 1, Cp* = (η5-C5Me5), with Fe2(CO)9 and Co2(CO)8 generate seven skeletal electron pair (sep) nido-1-{Cp*Co}-2-((CO)3Fe)B3H7, 2, by metal fragment substitution and seven sep arachno-Cp*(CO)CoB3H7, 3, by metal fragment degradation. Both compounds are characterized spectroscopically in solution and with single-crystal X-ray diffraction in the solid state. On the basis of the results and related chemistry, the suggested reaction pathway involves M(CO)4, M = Fe and Co, coordination to a Co−H−B edge of 1 followed by loss of Cp*Co(CO) which leads to 2. We postulate that the cobalt analogue of 2, which would be an odd-electron species, readily loses a cobalt carbonyl fragment to form 3.