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Quantifying Electrochemical Nucleation and Growth of Nanoscale Clusters Using Real-Time Kinetic Data

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posted on 08.02.2006, 00:00 by Aleksandar Radisic, Philippe M. Vereecken, James B. Hannon, Peter C. Searson, Frances M. Ross
Electrochemical techniques are used widely for the fabrication of nanostructured materials, yet a quantitative understanding of nucleation and growth remains elusive. Here we probe electrochemical nucleation and growth of individual nanoclusters in real time by combining current−time measurements with simultaneous video imaging. We show discrepancies between the growth kinetics measured for individual nanoclusters and the predictions of models, and we describe a significant revision to conventional models that can explain the results. This improved understanding of nucleation and growth allows a more quantitative approach to the electrochemical fabrication of nanoscale structures.