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Protein Biomarkers of Bovine Defective Meats at a Glance: Gel-Free Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Analysis for Rapid Screening

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posted on 25.06.2021, 21:30 by Enrique Sentandreu, Claudia Fuente-García, Olga Pardo, Mamen Oliván, Núria León, Noelia Aldai, Vicent Yusà, Miguel A. Sentandreu
An understanding of biological mechanisms that could be involved in the stress response of animal cattle prior to slaughter is critical to create effective strategies aiming at the production of high-quality meat. The sarcoplasmic proteome of directly extracted samples from normal and high ultimate pH (pHu) meat groups was studied through a straightforward gel-free strategy supported by liquid chromatography hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap high-resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS) analysis. A stepped proteomic pipeline combining rapid biomarker hunting supported by qualitative protein Mascot scores followed by targeted label-free peptide quantification revealed 26 descriptors that characterized meat groups assayed. The functional study of the proposed biomarkers suggested their relevant role in metabolic, chaperone/stress-related, muscle contractility/fiber organization, and transport activities. The efficiency, flexibility, rapidity, and easiness of the methodology proposed can positively contribute to the creation of innovative proteomic alternatives addressing meat quality assessment.