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Pore-Space Partition and Optimization for Propane-Selective High-Performance Propane/Propylene Separation

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posted on 08.07.2021, 12:41 authored by Anh N. Hong, Huajun Yang, Tong Li, Yong Wang, Yanxiang Wang, Xiaoxia Jia, Angel Zhou, Emily Kusumoputro, Jinping Li, Xianhui Bu, Pingyun Feng
The development of effective propane (C3H8)-selective adsorbents for the purification of propylene (C3H6) from C3H8/C3H6 mixture is a promising alternative to replace the energy-intensive cryogenic distillation. However, few materials possess the dual desirable features of propane selectivity and high uptake capacity. Here, we report a family of pore-space-partitioned crystalline porous materials (CPM) with remarkable C3H8 uptake capacity (up to 10.9 mmol/g) and the highly desirable yet uncommon C3H8 selectivity (up to 1.54 at 0.1 bar and 1.44 at 1 bar). The selectivity-capacity synergy endows them with record-performing C3H8/C3H6 separation potential (i.e., C3H6 recovered from the mixture). Moreover, these CPMs exhibit outstanding properties including high stability, low regeneration energy, and multimodular chemical and geometrical tunability within the same isoreticular framework. The high C3H8/C3H6 separation performance was further confirmed by the breakthrough experiments.