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Phthalocyanine-Based Single-Component Molecular Conductor [MnIII(Pc)(CN)]2O

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posted on 18.07.2016, 14:50 by Mitsuo Ikeda, Hiroshi Murakawa, Masaki Matsuda, Noriaki Hanasaki
A new manganese complex, [Mn­(Pc)­(CN)]2O, was prepared by an electrocrystallization method. This material is a single-component molecular conductor that displays semiconducting behavior with room temperature conductivity of 4.5 × 10–3 S cm–1. Furthermore, we observed negative magnetoresistance at room temperature due to interaction between conduction π electrons and localized d spins. X-ray structural analysis and IR absorption spectroscopy indicated structural disorder. The magnetic susceptibility measurements suggested the unequal spin states of two manganese atoms owing to this structural disorder.