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Phthalimide-Carried Disulfur Transfer To Synthesize Unsymmetrical Disulfanes via Copper Catalysis

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posted on 2019-11-13, 21:03 authored by Jiaoxia Zou, Jinhong Chen, Tao Shi, Yongsheng Hou, Fei Cao, Yongqiang Wang, Xiaodong Wang, Zhong Jia, Quanyi Zhao, Zhen Wang
A versatile Cu-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction to various unsymmetrical disulfanes has been presented, from phthalimide-carried disulfur transfer reagents and commercially available boronic acids under mild and practical conditions. The method features the unprecedented use of phthalimide-carried disulfurating reagents (Harpp reagent) in cross-coupling chemistry and is highlighted by the broad substrate scopes, even applicable for the transfer of aryl-disulfur moieties (ArSS−). Notably, the robustness of this methodology is shown by the late-stage modification of bioactive scaffolds of coumarin, estrone, and captopril.