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Phthalazin-2-ylidenes As Cyclic Amino Aryl Carbene Ligands in Rhodium(I) and Iridium(I) Complexes

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posted on 2010-11-22, 00:00 authored by Antonio Magriz, Silvia Gómez-Bujedo, Eleuterio Álvarez, Rosario Fernández, José M. Lassaletta
The direct metalation of phthalazinium halides with [Rh(tBuO)(COD)]2 or [Ir(tBuO)(COD)]2 led to the isolation of stable [MCl(phthalazin-2-ylidene)X(COD)] (M = Rh, Ir) as a new family of cyclic amino aryl carbene transition metal complexes. The X-ray diffraction analysis of several representatives systematically revealed a relatively short C(aryl)−C(carbene) bond distance of 1.44−1.46 Å, shorter than the typical C(sp2)−C(sp2) single bond, indicating some electron density delocalization from the π system of the aryl ring over the vacant carbene orbital.