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PIFA-Mediated Oxidative Cyclization of 1-Carbamoyl-1-oximylcycloalkanes: Synthesis of Spiro-Fused Pyrazolin-5-one N-Oxides

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posted on 2009-02-19, 00:00 authored by Kewei Wang, Xiaolan Fu, Jinying Liu, Yongjiu Liang, Dewen Dong
A convenient and efficient synthesis of spiro-fused pyrazolin-5-one N-oxides starting from readily available 1-carbamoyl-1-oximylcycloalkanes is developed. This general protocol features a novel and facile way for access to the five-membered azaheterocycles by formation of a new N−N single bond. The key cyclization step utilizes the formation of an N-oxonitrenium intermediate, mediated by the hypervalent iodine reagent PIFA, and its subsequent intramolecular trapping by the amide moiety under rather mild experimental conditions.