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Oxidative Aromatic C−O Bond Formation: Synthesis of 3-Functionalized Benzo[b]furans by FeCl3-Mediated Ring Closure of α-Aryl Ketones

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posted on 05.11.2009, 00:00 by Zhidan Liang, Weizhe Hou, Yunfei Du, Yongliang Zhang, Yan Pan, Deng Mao, Kang Zhao
A variety of 3-functionalized benzo[b]furans were achieved by way of a FeCl3-mediated intramolecular cyclization of electron-rich α-aryl ketones. The alkoxy substituent on the benzene ring in the substrates was essential for an efficient cyclization to occur. This novel method allows the construction of benzo[b]furan rings by joining the O-atom on the side chain to the benzene ring via direct oxidative aromatic C−O bond formation.