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Oxidative Addition of Glycosylbromides to trans-Ir(PMe3)2(CO)Cl

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posted on 2009-02-09, 00:00 authored by Elizabeth M. Pelczar, Colleen Munro-Leighton, Michel R. Gagné
trans-Ir(PMe3)2(CO)Cl reacts with acetobromo-α-d-glucose in the presence of AIBN to give a 1.3:1 ratio of the retentive and invertive oxidative addition products, each of which were characterized by crystallography. Reaction with α-d-glucopyranosyl bromide tetrabenzoate gave a 2:1 α:β ratio, while acetobromo-α-d-mannose gave a 5:1 ratio of retentive to invertive products.