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Osmium-Mediated Direct C–H Bond Activation at the 8‑Position of Quinolines

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posted on 16.05.2016, 20:48 by Miguel A. Esteruelas, Carmen Larramona, Enrique Oñate
Metal-mediated direct C–H bond activation at the 8-position of quinolines, which is the essential step for the functionalization of this bond, is promoted by the hexahydride OsH6(PiPr3)2. This complex activates quinoline and 2-, 3-, 6-, and 7-methylquinoline to afford the classical trihydride derivatives OsH32-C8,N-(quinolinyl)}­(PiPr3)2 and OsH32-C8,N-(quinolinyl-n-Me)}­(PiPr3)2 (n = 2, 3, 6, 7), containing a four-membered heterometalla ring.