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Original Transition Metal→Indium Interactions upon Coordination of a Triphosphine−Indane

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posted on 28.02.2011, 00:00 by Eric J. Derrah, Marie Sircoglou, Maxime Mercy, Sonia Ladeira, Ghenwa Bouhadir, Karinne Miqueu, Laurent Maron, Didier Bourissou
The triphosphine−indane TPI ([o-i-Pr2P(C6H4)]3In) has been prepared and found to react with [Pd(P-t-Bu3)2] and [AuCl(SMe2)]. According to X-ray diffraction analyses and DFT calculations, the ensuing complexes both display original donor−acceptor M→In interactions, although of markedly different nature and magnitude.