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Organometallic Aluminum Compounds Derived from 2-(1,3,5-Dithiazinan-5-yl)ethanol Ligands1

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posted on 21.10.2003, 00:00 by Juan Carlos Gálvez-Ruiz, Henrich Nöth, Angelina Flores-Parra
The reactions of AlMe2Y (Y = Me or Cl) with new ligands 2-(1,3,5-dithiazinan-5-yl)ethanol (1), 2-(1,3,5-dithiazinan-5-yl)-1-methylethanol (2), and 2-(1,3,5-dithiazinan-5-yl)-1-phenylethanol (3) are described. The ligands are coordinated to aluminum atoms by nitrogen and oxygen atoms, with a nitrogen based spiranic structure. Equimolar reactions gave dimeric structures bearing pentacoordinated aluminum atoms O-(AlMeY)-2-(1,3,5-dithiazinan-5-yl)ethanolates (47) as well as monometallic compounds with tetracoordinated aluminum atoms O-(AlMeY)-2-(1,3,5-dithiazinan-5-yl)ethanolates (89). Reactions with 2 equiv of the aluminum reagents afforded tetracoordinated dialuminum complexes O-(AlMeY)-O-(AlMe2Y)-2-(1,3,5-dithiazinan-5-yl)ethanolate (1018). The structures of the new compounds were determined by NMR (1H,13C, and 27Al) and complemented by X-ray diffraction of compounds 4, 10, and 1618. Relevant intermolecular interactions C−H···S, C−H···Cl, and C−H···π found in the crystalline network are reported.