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One Pot Synthesis of Heterometallic 3d−3d Azide Coordination Architectures: Effect of the Single-Ion Anisotropy

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posted on 20.12.2010, 00:00 by Jiong-Peng Zhao, Bo-Wen Hu, Xiao-Feng Zhang, Qian Yang, M. S. El Fallah, J. Ribas, Xian-He Bu
Five new isomorphic three-dimensional (3D) heterometallic 3d−3d azide complexes, [CuNi1−xCox(N3)2(isonic)2] (x = 0 for 1, x = 0.3 for 2, x = 0.5 for 3, x = 0.6 for 4, and x = 1 for 5), were obtained by assembling CuII, MII (NiII and CoII), azide, and pyridyl carboxylate in hydrothermal condition. The 3D structure can be described as end on (EO) azide and syn,syn carboxylates mixed bridged alternate Cu−M chains linked by the pyridyl groups. Dominant ferromagnetic interactions were observed between the CuII and MII ions in the chains. At low temperature diverse magnetic phenomena were presented in those complexes. As the NiII ions were replaced by CoII ions with large anisotropy, the magnetism of the complexes change gradually from metamagnet to single-chain magnet (SCM)-like behaviors.