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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Single-Stranded RNAs and DNAs of CAAU and UCAAUC as Benchmarks for Molecular Dynamics Simulations

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posted on 14.02.2020, 22:29 by Jianbo Zhao, Scott D. Kennedy, Kyle D. Berger, Douglas H. Turner
RNA and DNA are rapidly emerging as targets for therapeutics and as potential frameworks for nanotechnology. Accurate methods for predicting and designing structures and dynamics of nucleic acids would accelerate progress in these and other applications. Suitable approximations for modeling nucleic acids are being developed but require validation against disparate experimental observations. Here, nuclear magnetic resonance spectra for RNA and DNA single strands, CAAU and UCAAUC, are used as benchmarks to test molecular dynamics simulations with AMBER force fields OL3 and ROC-RNA for RNA and BSC1 for DNA. A detailed scheme for making comparisons is also presented. The results reflect recent progress in approximations and reveal remaining challenges.