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Novel Luminescent Tetranuclear and Pentanuclear Copper(I)−Dithiolates

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posted on 27.06.2003, 00:00 by Huan Xu, John H. K. Yip
Tetranuclear [Cu42-dppm)322-NS2)(μ24-NS2)] (1) and pentanuclear [Cu52-dppm)43-μ-3-NS2)2]PF6 (2·PF6) (dppm = bis(diphenylphoshino)methane, NS22- = 1,8-naphthalenedithiolate) were synthesized from the reactions between NS22- and [Cu22-dppm)2(CH3CN)2](PF6)2. Compound 1 features a square Cu4 core capped by a 5-coordinate S atom while 2·PF6 exhibits an unprecedented square planar Cu5 core. Both complexes display dual emissions at 480 and 620 nm which arise from ligand-centered nπ* and ligand−metal charge-transfer excited states, respectively.