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Niobium and Tantalum Tris(methimazolyl)borate Complexes [M(NC6H3iPr2-2,6)Cl2{HB(mt)3}] (M = Nb, Ta; mt = Methimazolyl)

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posted on 2005-10-17, 00:00 authored by Anthony F. Hill, A. David Rae, Matthew K. Smith
The first early transition metal tris(methimazolyl)borate com-plexes [M(NR)Cl2{HB(mt)3}] (M = Nb, Ta; R = C6H3iPr2-2,6; mt = methimazolyl) have been obtained from the reactions of [Nb(NR)Cl3(DME)] or [Ta(NR)Cl3(THF)2] (DME = dimethyl ether; THF = tetrahydrofuran) with Na[HB(mt)3] and structurally characterized, illustrating that the HB(mt)3 ligand can indeed be compatible with “hard” metals in high oxidation states.