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Nicotine Carboxylate Insecticide Emulsions:  Effect of the Fatty Acid Chain Length

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posted on 2005-12-28, 00:00 authored by Herley Casanova, Pedronel Araque, Carlos Ortiz
The effect of fatty acid chain length on nicotine carboxylate insecticide emulsions has been studied in terms of particle size, interfacial tension, nicotine encapsulation on emulsion droplets, and bioactivity. The particle size of the nicotine emulsion and the interfacial tension at the nicotine carboxylate oil phase (0.03 M)−Tween 80 aqueous phase (0.001 M) were affected in a similar way by the change in the fatty acid chain length, which was correlated by the packing conformation of Tween 80 and nicotine carboxylate molecules as obtained by AM1 theoretical calculations. The amount of encapsulated nicotine inside the nicotine carboxylate emulsion droplets influenced the insecticide bioactivity of nicotine; this relationship was explained in terms of the acid value of the different fatty acids used to prepare the nicotine formulation. Keywords: Nicotine carboxylate; Tween 80; fatty acids; acid value; insecticide; bioactivity; interfacial packing conformation