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New Nanocrystalline Materials: A Previously Unknown Simple Cubic Phase in the SnS Binary System

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posted on 11.03.2015, 00:00 by Alexander Rabkin, Shmuel Samuha, Ran E. Abutbul, Vladimir Ezersky, Louisa Meshi, Yuval Golan
We report a new phase in the binary SnS system, obtained as highly symmetric nanotetrahedra. Due to the nanoscale size and minute amounts of these particles in the synthesis yield, the structure was exclusively solved using electron diffraction methods. The atomic model of the new phase (a = 11.7 Å, P213) was deduced and found to be associated with the rocksalt-type structure. Kramers–Kronig analysis predicted different optical and electronic properties for the new phase, as compared to α-SnS.