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New Crystalline Layered Zinc Phosphate with 10-Membered-Ring Channels Perpendicular to Layers

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posted on 01.06.2009, 00:00 by Lei Liu, Stanislav Ferdov, Cristina Coelho, Ying Kong, Luís Mafra, Jin P. Li, Jin X. Dong, Uwe Kolitsch, Rute A. Sá Ferreira, Ekkehart Tillmanns, João Rocha, Zhi Lin
A novel layered zinc phosphate, [N2C6H12]2[Zn7H3(HPO4−x)5(PO4)3]H2O, with unique 10-membered-ring ellipsoidal channels running perpendicularly to ladder-shaped tetrahedral layers, has been synthesized ionothermally via in situ generation of 1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane.