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New Coordination Motifs of Melamine Directed by N−H···X (X = Cl or Br) Hydrogen Bonds

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posted on 23.07.2007, 00:00 by Lei Zhang, Jian Zhang, Zhao-Ji Li, Jian-Kai Cheng, Pei-Xiu Yin, Yuan-Gen Yao
Unusual μ2- and μ3-coordination modes of melamine are found in two organic−inorganic hybrid copper halides, [Cu2Br2(MA)]n (1) and [Cu3Cl3(MA)]n (2) (MA = melamine), in which the MA ligand affords two N-heterocycle N atoms to link (Cu2Br2) stairs and serves as a novel μ3 bridge to give a 3D framework, respectively.