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Neutral Hexacoordinate Silicon(iv) Complexes with an SiSO3NC Skeleton and a Neutral Pentacoordinate Silicon(iv) Complex Containing a Trianionic Tetradentate O,N,O,O Ligand

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posted on 13.04.2009 by Stefan Metz, Christian Burschka, Reinhold Tacke
The neutral hexacoordinate silicon(iv) complexes 810 (SiSO3NC skeleton) were synthesized by replacement of the chloro ligand of the pentacoordinate chlorosilicon(iv) complex 5 by monoanionic bidentate O,O ligands of the acetylacetonato type. For that purpose, compound 5 was treated with compounds of the formula type R1C(O)−CHC(OSiMe3)R2 (R1 = R2 = Me; R1 = R2 = Ph; R1 = Me, R2 = Ph). In contrast, treatment of 5 with PhC(O)−CHC(OSiMe3)CF3 afforded the neutral pentacoordinate silicon(iv) complex 11·CH3CN (SiO3NC skeleton). The identities of 810 and 11·CH3CN were established by elemental analyses and solid-state and solution NMR experiments; additionally, the solvates CH3CN, CH3CN, 10·CH3CN, and 11·2CH3CN were studied by single-crystal X-ray diffraction.