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Nanoporous Magnets of Chiral and Racemic [{Mn(HL)}2Mn{Mo(CN)7}2] with Switchable Ordering Temperatures (TC = 85 K ↔ 106 K) Driven by H2O Sorption (L = N,N-Dimethylalaninol)

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posted on 14.11.2007, 00:00 by Julie Milon, Marie-Christine Daniel, Abdellah Kaiba, Philippe Guionneau, Stéphane Brandès, Jean-Pascal Sutter
Molecule-based solids represent a rare opportunity to combine, adjust, and interrelate structural and physical functionalities to develop multifunctional materials. Here we report on a series of porous supramolecular magnets whose magnetic properties are related to their sorption state. A family of magnets of the formula [{Mn(HL)(H2O)}2Mn{Mo(CN)7}2]·2H2O have been obtained by assembling the heptacyano-metalate building unit {Mo(CN)7}4- with Mn(II) in the presence of protonated N,N-dimethylalaninol (L) as ligand, the latter being either as a racemic mixture or as a chiral R- or S-enantiomer. The resulting magnets possess an open framework structure and exhibit a TC with a switching behavior (TC = 85 K ↔ 106 K) as a function of the hydration state. Moreover, chiral magnets are formed with the optically active ligands. The H2O and gas (N2, CO2, CO) sorption features, the magnetic behavior of both the hydrated and dehydrated magnets, and the crystal structures of the hydrated chiral (S) and racemic magnets are described.