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Nanoflow Low Pressure High Peak Capacity Single Dimension LC-MS/MS Platform for High-Throughput, In-Depth Analysis of Mammalian Proteomes

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posted on 05.06.2012, 00:00 by Feng Zhou, Yu Lu, Scott B. Ficarro, James T. Webber, Jarrod A. Marto
The use of narrow bore LC capillaries operated at ultralow flow rates coupled with mass spectrometry provides a desirable convergence of figures of merit to support high-performance LC-MS/MS analysis. This configuration provides a viable means to achieve in-depth protein sequence coverage while maintaining a high rate of data production. Here we explore potential performance improvements afforded by use of 25 μm × 100 cm columns fabricated with 5 μm diameter reversed phase particles and integrated electrospray emitter tips. These columns achieve a separation peak capacity of ≈750 in a 600-min gradient, with average chromatographic peak widths of less than 1 min. At room temperature, a pressure drop of only ≈1500 psi is sufficient to maintain an effluent flow rate of ≤10 nL/min. Using mouse embryonic stem cells as a model for complex mammalian proteomes, we reproducibly identify over 4000 proteins across duplicate 600 min LC-MS/MS analyses.