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N,B-Bidentate Boryl Ligand-Supported Iridium Catalyst for Efficient Functional-Group-Directed C–H Borylation

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posted on 19.12.2016, 00:00 by Guanghui Wang, Li Liu, Hong Wang, You-Song Ding, Jing Zhou, Shuai Mao, Pengfei Li
Convenient silylborane precursors for introducing N,B-bidentate boryl ligands onto transition metals were designed, prepared, and employed in ready formation of irdium­(III) complexes via Si–B oxidative addition. A practical, efficient catalytic ortho-borylation reaction of arenes with a broad range of directing groups was developed using an in situ generated catalyst from the silylborane preligand 3c and [IrCl­(COD)]2.