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NHC Copper(I) Complexes Bearing Dipyridylamine Ligands: Synthesis, Structural, and Photoluminescent Studies

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posted on 02.09.2014, 00:00 by Ronan Marion, Fabien Sguerra, Florent Di Meo, Elodie Sauvageot, Jean-François Lohier, Richard Daniellou, Jean-Luc Renaud, Mathieu Linares, Matthieu Hamel, Sylvain Gaillard
We describe the synthesis of new cationic tricoordinated copper complexes bearing bidentate pyridine-type ligands and N-heterocyclic carbene as ancillary ligands. These cationic copper complexes were fully characterized by NMR, electrochemistry, X-ray analysis, and photophysical studies in different environments. Density functional theory calculations were also undertaken to rationalize the assignment of the electronic structure and the photophysical properties. These tricoordinated cationic copper complexes possess a stabilizing CH−π interaction leading to high stability in both solid and liquid states. In addition, these copper complexes, bearing dipyridylamine ligands having a central nitrogen atom as potential anchoring point, exhibit very interesting luminescent properties that render them potential candidates for organic light-emitting diode applications.