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Multipoint Recognition of Ditopic Aromatic Guest Molecules via Ag−π Interactions within a Dimetal Macrocycle

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posted on 31.12.2014, 00:00 authored by Kenichiro Omoto, Shohei Tashiro, Masumi Kuritani, Mitsuhiko Shionoya
A macrocyclic host molecule possessing a nanocavity with two AgI centers for guest binding and four anthracene walls has been developed. This dimetal-macrocycle forms stable inclusion complexes with ditopic aromatic guest molecules, [2.2]­paracyclophane, and ferrocene, in solution and/or in the solid state through Ag−π interactions within the nanocavity. The binding constants for the inclusion complexes were found to range roughly from 104 to 109 M–1. Electrochemical measurement revealed that the oxidized form of the included cationic ferrocene was less stabilized due to the direct binding to the cationic two AgI centers.