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Multiple Light Source-Excited Organic Manganese Halides for Water-Jet Rewritable Luminescent Paper and Anti-Counterfeiting

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posted on 2022-12-06, 18:34 authored by Chen Sun, Hao Lu, Cheng-Yang Yue, Honghan Fei, Shaofan Wu, Shuaihua Wang, Xiao-Wu Lei
Rewritable luminescent paper is particularly crucial, considering the ultrahigh paper consumption and confidential information security, but a highly desirable stimuli-responsive smart luminescent material with excellent water solubility has rarely been studied. Herein, a new type of rewritable paper made by highly efficient green light emissive zero-dimensional (0D) organic manganese halides is rationally designed by virtue of the reversible photoluminescence (PL) off–on switching. Specifically, the green emission can be linearly quenched by water vapor in a wide humidity range and again recovered in a dry atmosphere, which make it a smart hydrochromic PL off–on switching and humidity sensor. Benefiting from the reversible luminescence off–on switch and excellent water solubility, rewritable luminescent paper is realized through water-jet security printing technology on 0D halide-coated commercial paper with high resolution. The printed/written information can be easily cleaned by slight heating with outstanding “write–erase–write” cycle capabilities. In addition, multiple light source-induced coincident green light emissions further provide convenience to realize anti-counterfeiting, encryption and decryption of confidential information, and so forth. This work highlights the superiority of dynamic ionic-bonded 0D organic manganese halides as reversible PL switching materials in rewritable luminescent paper, high-security-level information printing, storage and protection technologies, and so forth.