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Multicolor Tunable Polymeric Nanoparticle from the Tetraphenylethylene Cage for Temperature Sensing in Living Cells

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posted on 26.12.2019, 16:09 by Zhen Wang, Xuewen He, Tuying Yong, Yu Miao, Chun Zhang, Ben Zhong Tang
It is meaningful but challenging to develop a fluorescent probe for temperature sensing in living cells because it should possess the features of good cytocompatibility, easy read out, and high resolution. Herein, we successfully synthesized emissive star-like cage-based organic temperature-sensitive polymers that can assemble into nanoparticles in aqueous solution. The obtained nanoparticle can be easily tuned to full-color emission (including white light emission) with a temperature resolution of at least 0.5 °C by encapsulating different doses of guest dyes ((4-dimethylamino-2′-butoxychalcone (DMBC) and Nile Red (NR)) through a cascade Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) effect. Moreover, the white light emission polymeric hybrid nanoparticles exhibit reversible stimuli response toward temperature and can be used as probes for temperature sensing in live cells through their fluorescent color variation between white and orange emission with good cytocompatibility.