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Mono- and Mixed-Valence Tetrathiafulvalene Semiconductors (TTF)BiI4 and (TTF)4BiI6 with 1D and 0D Bismuth-Iodide Networks

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posted on 15.12.2016, 09:50 by Hayden A. Evans, John G. Labram, Sara R. Smock, Guang Wu, Michael L. Chabinyc, Ram Seshadri, Fred Wudl
Two new compounds containing tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) cations with extended and discrete anions based on Bi and I are reported. The compound (TTF)­BiI4 comprises [BiI2I4/2] chains of edge-shared octahedra that are interspersed with stacks of TTF+•. The compound (TTF)4BiI6 has mixed-valence stacks of TTF and TTF+• and discrete molecules of TTF+• separated by discrete [BiI6]−3 anions. The optical and electrical transport properties of these compounds are reported. Due to the mixed-valence stacks of TTF, (TTF)4BiI6 is the significantly better electrical conductor than (TTF)­BiI4, despite the discrete nature of the inorganic moiety.