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Metal−Organic Scandium Framework:  Useful Material for Hydrogen Storage and Catalysis

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posted on 15.11.2005 by Josefina Perles, Marta Iglesias, Maria-Ángeles Martín-Luengo, M. Ángeles Monge, Caridad Ruiz-Valero, Natalia Snejko
The 3D polymeric terephthalate of scandium has been synthesized and its structure solved by single-crystal XRD. It was obtained as a single phase and characterized and tested as a hydrogen and nitrogen adsorbent and heterogeneous catalyst as a redox agent in the oxidation of sulfides. The compound shows a BET area of 721 m2 g-1 with a high CBET = 7000. The high chemical and thermal stability and excellent hydrogen sorption properties make this compound a useful material for hydrogen storage.