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Metal-Complex-Decorated Homochiral Heterobimetallic Telluride Single-Stranded Helix

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posted on 2007-09-03, 00:00 authored by Qichun Zhang, Xianhui Bu, Zhien Lin, Maurizio Biasini, W. P. Beyermann, Pingyun Feng
Solvothermal reaction of a mixture of Sn, Mn, and Te at 200 °C using teta as the solvent yields a novel inorganic−organic hybrid solid [Mn(teta)(en)]·[Mn(teta)][Mn(SnTe4)2·Mn(teta)] (teta = triethylenetetramine and en = ethylenediamine; 1), which has a homochiral single-stranded helical structure. The material is a semiconductor with a band gap of 0.88 eV and shows paramagnetic behavior between 2 and 300 K.