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Merging Two Functions in a Single Rh Catalyst System: Bimodular Conjugate for Light-Induced Oxidative Coupling

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posted on 2020-10-30, 15:16 authored by Jinwoo Kim, Dongwook Kim, Sukbok Chang
A single molecular rhodium catalyst system (PC2-Cp#RhIII) bearing two functional domains for both photosensitization and C–H carbometalation was designed to enable an intramolecular redox process. The hypothesized charge-transfer species (PC2•–-Cp#RhIV) was characterized by spectroscopic and electrochemical analyses. This photoinduced internal oxidation allows a facile access to the triplet state of the key post-transmetalation intermediate that readily undergoes C–C bond-forming reductive elimination with a lower activation barrier than in its singlet state, thus enabling catalytic C–H arylation and methylation processes.