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Mercury(II) Cyanide Coordination Polymer with Dinuclear Gold(I) Amidinate. Structure of the 2-D [Au2(2,6-Me2-formamidinate)2]·2Hg(CN)2·2THF Complex

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posted on 09.01.2006, 00:00 by Ahmed A. Mohamed, Hanan E. Abdou, John P. Fackler
The dinuclear gold(I) amidinate complex [Au2(Me2-form)2], 1, (Me2-form = 2,6-Me2-formamidinate) reacts with Hg(CN)2 to form a 2D structure, 1·2Hg(CN)2·2THF. Each gold center interacts with two Hg(CN)2 molecules. The Au···Au distance increases from 2.7 Å in the starting dinuclear complex to 2.9 Å in the adduct. The gold centers are connected to four nitrogen atoms with Au−N distances in the range 2.13−2.51 Å. The cyanide stretch is shifted from 2192 cm-1 in the Hg(CN)2 to 2147 cm-1 in the adduct.