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Main-Chain-Type N,N′-Chelate Organoboron Aminoquinolate Polymers: Synthesis, Luminescence, and Energy Transfer Behavior

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posted on 27.05.2008, 00:00 by Yuuya Nagata, Yoshiki Chujo
A novel green luminescent compound, (κ2-(N,N ′)-8-acetylaminoquinolate)diphenylborane (1) was synthesized and fully characterized. To incorporate into the polymer main-chain, (κ2-(N,N ′)-8-acetylaminoquinolate)bis(4-iodophenyl)borane was also synthesized as a monomer. A new class of fluorescent main-chain type organoboron aminoquinolate polymers were prepared by means of the Sonogashira−Hagihara coupling reaction between diyne monomers and the aminoquinoline monomer. The obtained polymers were further investigated by UV−vis absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy. It was revealed that the fluorescent quantum efficiencies of the obtained polymers depended on the π-conjugated linker unit. In addition, an efficient energy transfer was observed and well π-extended linker units played a role in a light harvesting antenna for the organoboron aminoquinolate units.