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Luminescent m-Carborane-Based π-Conjugated Polymer

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posted on 28.04.2009, 00:00 by Kenta Kokado, Yuichiro Tokoro, Yoshiki Chujo
A series of m-carborane-based π-conjugated polymers were successfully synthesized via Sonogashira−Hagihara polycondensation reaction. Diiodo-m-carborane monomer underwent efficient polycondensation reaction with both electron-donating and electron-accepting diyne comonomers. The wide-angle structure of m-carborane monomer allowed the preparation of polymers with high molecular weights (Mn = 26 600−36 400 g mol−1) and good polymerization degrees (DP = 31−56). UV−vis absorption study in dilute CHCl3 solution revealed π-conjugation extension of a p-phenylene−ethynylene segment by introducing m-carborane moieties into the polymer backbone. Further, the lack of C−C bond in the carborane cluster leads to polymers exhibiting intense blue emission in solution state (ΦF = 0.11−0.26).