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Long-Lived Charge-Transfer States of Nickel(II) Aryl Halide Complexes Facilitate Bimolecular Photoinduced Electron Transfer

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posted on 2018-02-05, 00:00 authored by Benjamin J. Shields, Bryan Kudisch, Gregory D. Scholes, Abigail G. Doyle
Here we investigate the photophysics and photochemistry of Ni­(II) aryl halide complexes common to cross-coupling and Ni/photoredox reactions. Computational and ultrafast spectroscopic studies reveal that these complexes feature long-lived 3MLCT excited states, implicating Ni as an underexplored alternative to precious metal photocatalysts. Moreover, we show that 3MLCT Ni­(II) engages in bimolecular electron transfer with ground-state Ni­(II), which enables access to Ni­(III) in the absence of external oxidants or photoredox catalysts. As such, it is possible to facilitate Ni-catalyzed C–O bond formation solely by visible light irradiation, thus representing an alternative strategy for catalyst activation in Ni cross-coupling reactions.