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Localized DNA Hybridization Chain Reactions on DNA Origami

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posted on 22.01.2018, 00:00 by Hieu Bui, Shalin Shah, Reem Mokhtar, Tianqi Song, Sudhanshu Garg, John Reif
The field of DNA nanoscience has demonstrated many exquisite DNA nanostructures and intricate DNA nanodevices. However, the operation of each step of prior demonstrated DNA nanodevices requires the diffusion of DNA strands, and the speed of these devices is limited by diffusion kinetics. Here we demonstrate chains of localized DNA hybridization reactions on the surface of a self-assembled DNA origami rectangle. The localization design for our DNA nanodevices does not rely on the diffusion of DNA strands for each step, thus providing faster reaction kinetics. The locality also provides considerable increased scalability, since localized components of the devices can be reused in other locations. A variety of techniques, including atomic force microscopy, total internal reflection fluorescence, and ensemble fluorescence spectroscopy, are used to confirm the occurrence of localized DNA hybridization reactions on the surface of DNA origami. There are many potential biological applications for our localized DNA nanodevices, and the localization design is extensible to applications involving DNA nanodevices operating on other molecular surfaces, such as those of the cell.