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Ligand Rearrangement Leads to Tetrahydrothiophene-Functionalized N,S-Heterocyclic Carbene Palladium(II) Complexes

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posted on 30.04.2021, 19:10 by Andrew M. Romine, Matthew J. Demer, Milan Gembicky, Arnold L. Rheingold, Keary M. Engle
Tetrahydrothiophene-functionalized N,S-heterocyclic carbene palladium­(II) complexes are synthesized through an unexpected rearrangement that proceeds with palladium­(II) trifluoroacetate but not with palladium­(II) acetate, palladium­(II) bromide, or palladium­(II) chloride. A series of these complexes were isolated and characterized by X-ray crystallography. The mechanism of formation of these [3.2.1]­palladabicycles was explored, and the catalytic capabilities of these complexes were demonstrated in representative C–C coupling reactions.