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Lewis Acid Enhanced Ethene Dimerization and Alkene IsomerizationESI-MS Identification of the Catalytically Active Pyridyldimethoxybenzimidazole Nickel(II) Hydride Species

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posted on 04.12.2015 by Manuel A. Escobar, Oleksandra S. Trofymchuk, Barbara E. Rodriguez, Claudia Lopez-Lira, Ricardo Tapia, Constantin Daniliuc, Heinz Berke, Fabiane M. Nachtigall, Leonardo S. Santos, Rene S. Rojas
A cationic methallyl 2-pyridine-4,7-dimethoxybenzimidazole (L1) nickel precatalyst is highly selective in ethene dimerizations to 1-butene. The same catalyst isomerizes 1-butene and 1-octene to internal olefins. Co-catalytic additives of B­(C6F5)3 or BF3·OEt2 coordinate to the catalyst and increase the reaction rates of ethene dimerization. ESI-MS was applied identifying a [L1NiH]+ cation as the catalytically active species.